Oral Tumor Hamster model

Every minute, every hour, every month, 365 days-a-year, someone dies of oral cancer. There are about 11230 deaths from oral cancer in 2021 and 54000 new cases in 2022.

CRYSTAL BIOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS is a preclinical lab where drug testing, toxicology, biocompatibility, agrochemical, microbiological and different research projects like services are provided.

So, here is one such study about oral tumor study we have performed on Golden Syrian Hamsters, were using chemicals tumors were induced in Golden Syrian Hamsters In their mucosal cavity and were treated using drugs. Surprisingly the results were outstanding and more effective than the standard drug. There was 90% mortality using the standard (marketed) drug. Induction of tumors was apt, which took us a maximum of 2 months to induce. Tumors were measured using a vernier caliper.

Hence proud to announce that Crystal biological solutions have great success in the induction of oral tumors and looking forward to many such studies.   

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