Our History

If a drug or any medical device comes to the market it has to go pass through a few testing to check whether it is eligible to launch in the market, and whether it is not harmful to human beings or the environment in any way. So these medicines or devices have to go through preclinical and clinical testing.

            CRYSTAL BIOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS is one such organization for preclinical testing. It was started in July 2018 in Pune. We started with the breeding of lab animals that is Wistar rats, Sprague dawley rats, C57bl6 mice, Swiss albino mice, Balbc mice, New Zealand white rabbit, Dunkin Hartley Guinea pig and golden Syrian hamsters.

            In 2019 we started testing facility with In-Vivo testing department. It started with various research projects and pharmacokinetic studies and biocompatibility testing. And as and when required we started taking instruments as well. Everything was planned and constructed according to flexibility, from airflow supply arrangement to maintaining temperature and humidity in rooms. In early 2020   Hematology, biochemistry auto analyzer, deep freezer, ELISA, microscope, etc were installed.

            In mid-2020 set up In-Vitro genotoxicity testing departments with high technology instruments such as laminar air flow, biosafety cabinet, hot air oven, Co2 incubator, Incubator, microscope, ph meter, and many other such instruments were installed. Later -80 deep freezer was also installed. There are proper air conditioning and airflow systems. Separate testing rooms with 18 cycles/hr air circulation systems. Rooms are maintained in well hygienic conditions as per guidelines.  

            We provide toxicology testing and preclinical research services as per OECD, FDA, ASTM, and USP. We have experienced staff in departments.

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